Navigating the Complex Landscape of Online Casino Gambling in Japan

Japan’s legal landscape for online casino gambling is complex. Although it is technically illegal for domestic operators to provide these services, foreign licensed operators can legally offer them to Japanese customers. This loophole enables Japanese citizens to participate in offshore casino gaming through offshore platforms despite existing prohibitions.

The Japanese government has implemented a rigorous regulatory framework to police gambling activities within the nation. The Criminal Code prohibits most forms of gambling, with exceptions for specific government-approved forms like lotteries, horse racing and pachinko. Unfortunately, this law does not specifically mention online gaming – creating an area in which foreign operators may operate legally.

Unfortunately, Japan does not issue licenses to online casino operators – domestic or foreign. Consequently, Japanese players seeking an authentic gaming experience must rely on offshore websites with licenses from other jurisdictions. This has resulted in the growth of a bustling market for foreign online casinos targeting Japanese customers.

Recently, there have been discussions about potential changes to Japan’s gambling legislation. The government has looked into legalizing and regulating certain forms of gaming such as integrated resorts that include casinos; however, no legislation has yet been passed that explicitly legalizes online casino gambling.

No matter the legality of online casinos, Japan still regulates this industry by enacting measures to protect players and promote responsible gambling practices. These include age restrictions, player protection policies, and tax regulations that apply to both players and operators alike.

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What about IR casinos?

Japan’s gambling industry is experiencing a major transformation with the introduction of integrated resorts (IRs). These leisure destinations incorporate casinos, hotels, shopping centers and other entertainment facilities into one comprehensive leisure destination. Recently the Japanese government passed legislation allowing these resorts to open their doors – an initiative which promises to significantly alter the nation’s gambling landscape.

In 2016, the Japanese Diet passed the Integrated Resort Promotion Law, setting the framework for development in this industry. Subsequently, in 2018, lawmakers passed the Integrated Resort Implementation Law which authorized three initial resorts and provided for further approvals in future phases.

The Japanese government sees IRs as a means to promote tourism, stimulate local economies and create jobs. Unlike online casino gambling which remains legally murky in Japan, the government has expressed a firm commitment to developing this industry.

Numerous international casino operators have expressed an interest in entering the Japanese market, including MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands. The selection process for operators is highly competitive with strict scrutiny to guarantee only qualified and trustworthy candidates are chosen.

Japanese Internet Relays (IRs) must abide by stringent regulations that prioritize player protection and responsible gambling. These measures include age restrictions, entry fees for Japanese citizens, limits on casino visits, and problem gambling prevention programs. The Japanese government has taken an active stance in ensuring that IRs do not exacerbate social issues related to gambling.

With the opening of the first internet casinos expected to commence by mid-2025, Japan’s gambling landscape is set to undergo a dramatic transformation. These developments could significantly influence how online casino gambling develops in Japan, with government officials considering revising current regulations to accommodate for this new industry’s rapid growth.


While online casino gambling in Japan remains unregulated and complex, foreign operators continue to offer services to Japanese players. While the country’s government has yet to expressly legalize or regulate it, Japanese citizens can still take part through offshore platforms.

The arrival of integrated resorts (IRs) in Japan marks an important development in the nation’s gambling landscape. The government’s decision to legalize and regulate IRs shows their dedication to developing this industry while prioritizing responsible gambling and player protection. As Japan’s gambling landscape continues to develop, it remains uncertain how IRs will shape online casino gambling there going forward.

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