Is Maryland ready for online gambling?

Is Maryland Ready For Online Casinos

Maryland has always loved to gamble, and the locals have for a long time been fans of activities like horse racing. Over the last few years, however, interest in casino gambling has spiked across the state, with the arrival of the month of March showcasing a whopping $150.1 million in revenues. This is even more impressive when you consider the fact that the state has only 6 casinos, all of which are land-based.

In states like New Jersey, online gambling, in particular, has become a mainstay, and the state has been pulling in great returns both financially and in terms of what online
casinos mean for the local populations. Today, this market is worth $225 million annually. NJ online casinos have an interesting modus operandi-they are run by the same old companies that are behind brick and mortar casinos. However, there are some corporations coming to the fore and taking on an exclusive interest in the online aspect of casino gaming. These companies are solely focused on providing a great experience for players who want to wager on games from the comfort of their couches. PartyCasino NJ is one of those companies.

What’s the gambling landscape in Maryland like?

Maryland has not yet made forays into online casino gambling, but can they borrow a leaf from NJ and make even more money?

A small but increasing number of states have adopted an open approach to online gambling. Maryland sees what these states are doing and is aware that there are gains to be made, what with new online casinos are being launched every month across the country. Today, locals can place greyhound and horse racing wagers on the internet, and this tells you that MD could be open to a lot more.

The 6 casinos in MD already have a large pool of customers. They know that they can expand their base by introducing online experiences that make gambling convenient, discrete and lively. In fact, politicians in the state have indicated that they have no problem opening their doors to an online casino or two, but with a caveat; they want to see if the idea works out in other states first.

Brick and mortar casinos need to take this opportunity with both hands and open online sections of their businesses. They must not be intimidated by the rise of online casinos because there are many benefits attached to that. NJ’s casino companies have embraced the idea by being available both on land and across the internet, to a very satisfying degree of success. The state of MD can help by providing existing casinos with an enabling environment within which their online arms are going to operate.

Maryland is ripe for the opening of online casinos because they already have a large pool of clientele they can start with. The state can follow the example set by New Jersey and start earning from a hitherto untapped resource. Considering all the positives the state has enjoyed in its land-based casinos, surely there is enough to convince lawmakers that the idea of online casinos comes with nothing but good tidings?