Right now, we are sending more than $400 billion a year to foreign countries to pay for imported oil.  I want to use incentives to spark the development of energy-efficient cars, appliances and buildings. We will develop domestic energy resources like solar, wind, geothermal, clean coal and hydropower.  Let’s produce more energy at home, so that we can break our dependence on foreign oil.

I believe that offshore drilling in Florida poses a tremendous risk to the environment and to the largest component of our economy, which is tourism.  Before we even entertain the possibility of drilling offshore, I want to see tangible benefits for the people of Florida.  In advance of any drilling, there should be an agreement as good as the one that the people of Alaska enjoy.  Each year, every man, woman and child in Alaska receives a check for more than $1,000, in exchange for Big Oil drilling there.  If and when the oil companies offer that much or more to Florida, we can consider whether to take the risk.