Campaign Finance Reform

The U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-to-4 decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission is the worst Supreme Court ruling in more than a century.  It opened the door to political bribery and corruption on the largest scale imaginable.  Corporations, foreign-owned businesses and foreign governments will be allowed to spend unlimited amounts of cash on propaganda to influence the outcomes of our elections.  We cannot put the law up for sale, and award our government to the highest bidder.

That’s why I introduced legislation to prevent a corporate takeover of government in America.  My “Save Our Democracy” Platform aims to stave off the threat of “corpocracy.” Each of the bills is clear and concise; none is longer than four pages.

Here are the eight bills I introduced, and what they aim to accomplish:

  1. The Business Should Mind Its Own Business Act (H.R. 4431):  Implements a 500% excise tax on corporate contributions to political committees, and on corporate expenditures on political advocacy campaigns.
  2. The Public Company Responsibility Act (H.R. 4435):  Prevents companies making political contributions and expenditures from trading their stock on national exchanges.
  3. The End Political Kickbacks Act (H.R. 4434):  Prevents for-profit corporations that receive money from the government from making political contributions, and limits the amount that employees of those companies can contribute.
  4. The Corporate Propaganda Sunshine Act (H.R. 4432):  Requires publicly-traded companies to disclose in SEC filings money used for the purpose of influencing public opinion, rather than promoting their products and services.
  5. The Ending Corporate Collusion Act (H.R. 4433):  Applies antitrust law to industry political action committees.
  6. The End the Hijacking of Shareholder Funds Act (H.R. 4487): This bill requires the approval of a majority of a public company’s shareholders for any expenditure by that company to influence public opinion on matters not related to the company’s products or services.
  7. The America is for Americans Act (H.R. 4510): Bans all political contributions from foreign companies, or domestic companies with any foreign owners.
  8. The Pick Your Poison Act (H.R. 4511): Requires corporations to choose between using lobbyists to influence the political process, or spending money on campaign propaganda.

You can count on me to fight the special interests.   I don’t owe anything to anyone but the voters.